It’s a belated start for me to the OST (Open Simple Token) alpha Phase 3 Challenge, as I didn’t receive any email notification of the announced start dates – despite having signed up immediately after participating in phase 2 – ah well, ahem, bygones, moving on, getting on with it… *sigh* Fortunately, I was saved by my habit of leaving a tab open to the OST Gitter channel to keep up with the API updates, where quite randomly and luckily someone mentioned the announcement of Phase iii. Thanks be to them.

So here I am on the last day that registrations were open (today) writing this blog post to get in on the social buzz a week behind on the action. This is ironically reminiscent for me of Phase 2 where I joined an existing team two weeks into the challenge – and something I was specifically hoping to avoid in Phase 3. No luck there. On the other hand, I’m really not that behind, as fortunately for me, I already added the new endpoints to my PHP API Wrapper for OST earlier this week (which I spent *way* to much time on last time, damn you perfectionism) having seen that there were updates to the OST API from v1 to v1.1. So, all the while working on a priority item while thinking I was just distracting myself from more pressing work, only to find my subconscious had subtly tricked me into actually doing the priority work. Nice one Subconscious!

So now what? Now I guess I process with my now-years-old-plan-than-I-never-had-time-to-finish to turn this website solutions project into a solutions-oriented economy. Monetary bounties for answers have been on the development list for this site from the very start, and in fact is the main feature I wanted on this site before really marketing it, and this is why it has never been launched properly. Despite the other cool plugins released and available here, there is doubtful few reading this for that reason and the forum has never really been used as intended also. But, since this now solution is entirely possible and a lot easier using OST branded tokens, it’s time to give implementing it a go, similar to the winner of OST phase 2 (ironically a single feature on our multi-featured submission I didn’t get to finish due to time constraints and picking other seemingly more exciting features to work on. Go figure, where were you on that one Subconscious? Lol.)

So yeah, let’s get that single feature in place, then add a user wallet to it and then a few secret sauce innovations from there. This’ll be so easy – compared to last time. So. Easy. That. I. Can’t. Even.

1. What progress did you make on your Alpha III PoC this week?
Updated my PHP Wrapper for the OST KIT API v1.1 new endpoints (balance and ledger.) Registered for the Challenge. Wrote this blog post. Didn’t break a sweat doing it. Mostly because it’s cold here at the moment.

2. What did you learn/issues you had to overcome?
To become more forgiving of failed automation systems. To roll with the punches. To trust things will get done in their own time. To write more humourous and mildly-satirical blog posts because it makes qualification requirements somewhat more enjoyable.

3. What are you planning for the next week?
To brand a new economy token. To start and finish integrating the bounty answers escrow feature for the existing forum solutions plugin (Design Wall Q&A Pro) To not stress about trying to “win” a competition which has no clear rules for how to win, unlike an awesome judging rubrick like this.

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