Are you ready for a virtual armada of innovative and flexible tools
to improve your website creation, design and visitor experience?

Literally thousands of hours of development have gone into coding these priceless exclusive WordPress Plugins to extend and improve your site functionality in ways you have probably never thought of – there is truly something for everyone!

Starting August 2017 I will be releasing a plugin for free every week for five weeks..! Most of these plugins were built over the years for different custom development needs, now with more user options and interfaces added. Others are freshly coded ideas to provide essential tools or unique functionality for your site, both frontend and backend. There are no one-line wonders here – all of these are fully threshed out feature-rich plugins! Here’s a taste of what you can expect in the coming weeks…


BioShip (Theme)

A feature-rich and highly flexible multiple option WordPress theme ready for developers, designers and end users.

Projected Release Date: 4th October 2016


Content Sidebars

Give an instant boost to your Layout and Call-to-Action options. Auto-add Sidebars to your Post Content Display, inside and out!

Available NOW!


AutoSave Net

Auto-saves on steroids! QuickSave Timed Backup of your Post Content while writing. Compare and Restore QuickSave backups metabox.

Available NOW!


WP BugBot

Search your current plugin/theme/core files for keywords from admin. A 3rd party plugin bugfixers dream.

Available NOW!


Visitor Vortex

Integrate and streamline your entire Visitor Signup/Subscription/Registration and Confirmation Process into a single Funnel!

Projected Release Date: 1st August 2019
Release Status: Feature Review


WP Infinity Responder

The fully featured Infinity Responder now for Wordpress! Unlimited mailing lists and followup autoresponders.

Projected Release Date: 8th August 2019
Release Status: Final Review


PDF Replicator

Instant incentive eBooks from your existing content. Create PDFs directly from any post/page - or from a post/page series!

Projected Release Date: 15th August 2019
Release Status: Final Review


PDF Shuttle

Instant Downloadable PDFs of Any of your Posts/Pages/CPTs! The easy way to Boost your Site's Value and Memorability...

Projected Release Date: 22nd August 2019
Release Status: Final Review



Strong and Flexible Access, User Action, API, Behavioural and Role Protection

Available NOW!



Seamless fading page loading transitions via the Browser History API.

Available NOW!


Mystery Plugins

I have even more awesome plugins written and ready to go! 🙂 But as yet without all those cool extra bits ready that take time to create like graphics, icons, menus, readmes etc... for now they will remain a Mystery as to what amazing things they do (you'll be pleasantly surprised)... So be warned, I may decide to release any of them at any time if I get inspired. Be sure to signup to stay informed...

Release Dates: Mystery!


Support Solutions

Plugin Support will be offered by our new Question and Answer style Solution Quests forum. But it is not just about the plugins… An Alliance is about people helping people. We want to help you find any of the WordPress solutions YOU need and at the same time encourage you to participate in helping others with their Quests, so that collectively we can build a thriving community built on appreciation and mutual respect. Join us in our ongoing mission for new lifeforms and civilizations Solutions!


Access your WordQuest plugins today!