Instant Downloadable PDFs of Any of your Posts/Pages/CPTs! The easy way to Boost your Site's Value and Memorability...

Instant Downloadable PDFs of Any of your Posts/Pages/Custom Post Types! The easy way to Boost your Site's Value and Memorability...

One-Click PDF Creation Software Installation

  • Choose Core from either mPDF or tcPDF (both free!)
  • PDFs are created on-the-fly directly from your server

Automatic Download Icon Display Placement

  • Display on All Posts, Pages and/or Custom Post Types!
  • Easily Exclude Posts/Pages by Slug or ID
  • Per Post Writing Screen Metabox for Display Overrides
  • Manual PDF Download Icon Shortcode
  • Manual PDF Download Icon Template Function

Fully Customizable Icon Easy Styling Options

  • Change Icon Display Image and Alignment
  • Change Icon Caption Text, Font, Alignment
  • Dynamic Example Display of Customized Icon

Full Wordpress Content Filter Output Control

  • Decide which WP Filters to apply to Content output

Optional Downloadable PDF Output Controls

  • include Header Image and Header Text
  • include Permalink and Author Link
  • include Footer Image and Footer Text
  • PDF Filename Output Options

PDF Download Stats for every Post/Page/CPT

  • Easily Track your most Popular Content!

How do I display the Download Icon within a Post/Page?

Using the shortcode [pdf-shuttle] or `[pdf-shuttle-link']

You can also use [download-post] or [download-post-link]

How do I display the Download Icon for a specific Post/Page?

Using the shortcode [pdf-shuttle id=xx] or [download-post id=xx]

How do I display the Download Link in a Post/Page Template?

By using the function <?php pdf_shuttle_echo_download_link(); ?> Or better (so that if the plugin is deactivated your template does not break):

Alternatively, you can trigger the PDF Download Link Display via doing the action:

If your theme template has an action in a good place you want to hook to, to add the Download Icon you can simply add the action to that hook:

<?php add_action('your_template_hook', 'pdf_shuttle_echo_download_link'); ?>


  • Update to use new Plugin Loader Class
  • Update to WordQuest Helper 1.7.4
  • Update to Freemius SDK 2.2.2
  • Use Plugin Page Header from Loader
  • Removed PDF core installer
  • Added default mPDF 6 core
  • Convert tab table to list format
  • Added reset to default settings button
  • Added filter for download icon url
  • Simplified all post data queries


  • Update Wordquest Library 1.6.7
  • Update to Freemius Library 1.2.4
  • Use single global plugin option
  • Make all plugin options filterable
  • Change to pdf_shuttle_ function namespace
  • Replace plugin_dir_url with plugins_url


  • WordQuest Integration
  • Freemius Integration
  • Name Change to PDF Shuttle
  • Shortcode Additions


  • Update to PDF Core Install/Updates


  • Added Custom Post Type Support
  • Fix to Shortcode for specified ID


  • Added Download Stats
  • Added Metabox Options
  • General Bugfixing/Styling


  • Added tcPDF Support
  • Added Exclude Options


  • Development Version

This section describes how to install the plugin and get it working.

  1. Upload via the Wordpress plugin installer.
  2. Activate the plugin through the 'Plugins' menu in WordPress.
  3. Access the Plugin Settings via the WordQuest -> PDF Shuttle menu


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