The fully featured Infinity Responder now for Wordpress! Unlimited mailing lists and followup autoresponders.

The fully featured Infinity Responder now for Wordpress! Unlimited mailing lists and followup autoresponders. I so loved this autoresponder script that I ported it into Wordpress. It just rocks. 🙂

Infinity Responder Features:

  • Unlimited Lists and AutoResponders!
  • Sequential and Absolute Timing Mailing
  • Unlimited Mailburst Sending
  • Single or Double Optin Mailing Lists
  • Multipart Text and/or HTML Emails

and also comes with:

  • Custom Tags for Message Personalization
  • Custom Fields for Unlimited Form Options
  • Per Send Run and Daily Send Limits
  • Optin/Optout Redirection or Message
  • Email Blacklisting Ability
  • POP3 Bouncer Handling (untested for WP)

PLUS New Feature Additions for the Wordpress Version:

  • Embedded Images Support! (cid method)
  • Improved Style User Interface
  • Multiple WYSIWYG Editor Options
  • Send Full Message Sequence Test
  • Subscription Management Shortcode
  • Import / Export Subscribers (via CSV)
  • Supports both Cron and WP Cron
  • Use either wp_mail (phpmailer) or mail
  • Notification Template Hierarchy
  • Subscriber Optin Widget

Also comes with an Integration Module for customer list creation, hooking into eStore, eMember and WP Affiliate Platform. (For more detailed information visit the plugin homepage.)

Where is the documentation?

The original documentation for Infinite Responder can be found in: /wp-infinity-responder/docs/documentation.txt Hopefully everything should be pretty much self-explanatory!

Further documentation is not planned at this time, sorry. This is it... There are some notes here for features added to the Wordpress plugin version...

How can I use SMTP mailing with this plugin?

While there is no SMTP functionality directly inbuilt, this is easy to set up. First, make sure you have the mailing option set to wp_ mail in the config page.

Then install a SMTP mailing Wordpress plugin to do this for you... eg. Post SMTP (recommended), Configure SMTP, WP Mail SMTP, WP SMTP, Easy WP SMTP, Easy SMTP Mail...

For more detailed information check out the Mailing Guide: [Mailing Guide] (

Can subscribers manage their subscriptions?

Yes, by using the shortcode [ir-subscriptions] in a post/page/widget area. (if using in a widget you may need to add this to your theme's functions.php:) add_filter('widget_text','do_shortcode');

If the logged in user's email matches a subscription in the Infinity Responder database, a subscription option table will be provided for the user. Otherwise they can also unsubscribe via the standard unsubscribe link in emails.

How are images embedded in emails?

Images are embedded inline using the 'cid' method (not by the 'data' method) since this method has been tested to have far higher deliverability rates. This image embedding works for both the wp_mail and mail options.

There is also an option to embed external image URLs (in this context this means anything NOT in the specified email image directory.) If this is selected the images will be downloaded into a temporary directory and then embedded, as the embedding needs a local file path to embed (attach) the image.

Can I change the default subscriber/admin notification templates?

Yes, you can copy the text templates from templates/messages/ to your current theme in a subdirectory either at templates/infinity-responder/ or irmessages eg, /wp-content/my-active-theme/templates/infinity-responder/subscribe.complete.txt or /wp-content/my-active-theme/irmessages/subscribe.complete.txt (replacing my-active-theme with the corrent directory of course)

You can add a HTML version of these templates by changing the extension (note that the text template uses <SUBJ> and <MSG> to get the subject and message, but there is no need to add these to the HTML version, the subject is grabbed from the text template. eg, /wp-content/my-active-theme/templates/infinity-responder/subscribe.complete.html or /wp-content/my-active-theme/irmessages/subscribe.complete.html

Just be sure to include/modify the text version also if you are adding a HTML version, as this is sent as an alternative body for non-HTML email clients.

You can also override the notification template for a specific responder by creating a file in those locations with the Responder ID in the filename. eg, for Responder 1 templates/infinity-responder/subscribe.complete.1.txt and/or templates/infinity-responder/subscribe.complete.1.html

Finally, template hierarchy filters are available if you want to change the template locations to search for them in a different directory. Those filters are called: inf_resp_template_hierarchy_text and inf_resp_template_hierarchy_html

Does everything work?

All functions and features are tested and working, with the exception of POP3 Bounce Handling which has not been tested for the Wordpress version. It has not been changed from the original Infinity Responder, so may or may not work as expected. If you have the experience and time, you can contribute by testing it yourself.


  • Update to new Plugin Loader class
  • Update to WordQuest Helper 1.7.4
  • Update to Freemius SDK 2.2.2


  • Major PHP 7 Compatibility (mysqli functions)
  • Remove infinityURL text column default value
  • Fix for preg_replace /e switch deprecation
  • Prefix all the function things with inf_resp
  • Use global for plugin and integration settings
  • Use transients for embedded image caching


  • Added WordQuest integration
  • Added Template Hierarchy for HTML templates
  • Improved Template Hierarchy for Text templates
  • Added filter for HTML and Text template hierarchies
  • Changed SMTP Plugin Recommendations
  • Added Mailing Guide Link for SMTP
  • Clear WP Cron on plugin deactivation


  • Fix to table prefix variable for Wordpress 4


  • Added detailed instructions on Integration page
  • Added Signature and Address Options to Config
  • Fixed unsubscribe link for Wordpress subdirectory installs
  • Fixed some minor sidebar display bugs


  • Created Secret Key Option for Cron Output
  • Fix for WP Cron Clear Schedules on Frequency Change
  • Added Refresh Buttons to Bottom of List Screens


  • Bugfixes for Mailburst Sending
  • Update to Mailburst Menu Templates and Counts
  • Added Pause/Activate Option and Menu Button for Responders
  • Added Pause/Activate Menu Button to Mailburst List
  • Added Pause/Play/Messages Graphical Icons
  • Updates and fixes to import and export features.
  • Added per responder message template functionality.
  • Added Integration Module for customer list subscriptions.
  • Added subscription management shortcode.
  • Added Wordpress widget for subscriber optin.


  • See DEVNotes.txt for all WP conversion notes prior to 1.3.5

  1. Upload via the Plugins upload page.
  2. Activate the plugin through the 'Plugins' menu in WordPress
  3. Visit the Infinity Responder menu to create tables.
  4. Choose your config and cron job options.


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